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Our mission is to provide fast, high quality, engineering, survey, design and construction observation services, allowing clients to meet infrastructure requirements, sustainable design, and supplier diversity objectives. Our goal is to be the premiere provider of engineering, survey, design and construction observation services in Houston and the Texas Gulf Coast Area.

  • At Amani Engineering, Inc., our focus is YOU! We value our clientele, and every project ends with a completely satisfied customer. Each project team have relevant and specialized experience to meet client’s expectations.
  • Amani Engineering provides one of the fastest design turnaround times in the city of Houston. Our diligent staff understands the term ‘deadline’ and strives to meet your needs.
  • Amani Engineering’s ability to provide multiple services simplifies communication, rather than making it necessary to establish multiple contracts for surveying, engineering and construction observation. Amani Engineering is a full service, turnkey operation designed to take the workload off you.
  • Amani Engineering uses a competitive, flexible fee structure to ensure fair pricing while delivering our high quality services. We ensure that the project is completed according to the contract: on time and on budget.

Amani’s Achievements:

  • 350,000 linear feet of distribution water main design and survey including topographic, easements and parcels.
  • 28,000 linear feet of large diameter water mains as part of Surface Water Transmission Program for the City of Houston.
  • Consultant evaluation scores of about 95% for four (4) recently completed design projects.
  • 10,000 linear feet of roadway design and construction including survey, drainage analysis, and underground utility coordination.
  • 25,000 linear feet of telephone and electrical conduits layout.
  • Range of estimated construction cost of the projects designed by Amani is $500,000 to $10,030,000, with $2,000,000 typical bid package.
  • Traffic Signal Design at eleven (11) roadway intersections.
  • Prepared Traffic Control Plans (TCP) for projects with varying complexity.
  • Prepared Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and Storm Water Quality Management Plans (SWQMP) for projects with varying complexity.
  • Nine (9) wastewater/sewer system improvement projects including Neighborhood Sewer Systems, Sanitary Sewers, force mains and lift stations.
  • Engineering project diversity include infrastructure, facility and site improvements, water, wastewater, roadway, storm drainage, traffic engineering, signals, site and land development, dry utilities, airports, ports, infiltration/inflow studies, sewer system evaluation studies, hydrology, hydraulics and facility rehabilitation.
  • Survey project diversity include topographic, boundary, easement with metes and bounds, platting, re-platting, elevation certificates, as-built surveys and construction staking.
  • Construction Inspection and construction administration projects include New Streets, Roads Reconstruction, Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, site improvements, sanitary sewers, Lift Station Renewal and Replacement and Water Mains Replacement projects.